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Hello, our need is as follows. RUT240 is assembled together with other things like a processor and some pumps. Before it leaves the assembly company, they would like to test that they have connected everything in the correct way. The easiest way would be to connect the RUT240 to the internet without a SIM card (since that one will be installed later), ie using a ethernet cable to the WAN port.

My question is if RUT240 will provide internet access through the LAN port to the processor we have connected to that port? Or in very short; will internet connectivity presented on the WAN port be available at the LAN port? Pls remember, no SIM card inserted at this stage. We have tried but cannot get it to work with DEFAULT settings in the RUT240.

Thanks in advance, Magnus

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If the device/processor or anything that you connect to LAN port has internet capabilities (NIC) - it will connect to the internet routed by RUT240. If you're having struggles connecting LAN device to the internet when Wired WAN is connected - make sure you have set Wired WAN as your Main WAN interface in Network > WAN sub-page of WebUI. Once you've done it, RUT240 should get an IP address through DHCP protocol (or Static, if there's no DHCP server running on other device behind the cable) and LAN device should be able to access outside network.