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Old firmware TRB1400_R_00.01.06.1 allowed forwarding url like

But since upgrading to TRB14X_R_00.02.04.3 i cant add anything after as the field is detected as invalid.

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by anonymous


Thank you for pointing out this issue, I was able to reproduce it. I will inform our RND department.

I will post the news here as soon as there is a fix.


by anonymous

Link to download TEST Firmware release for this particular issue:

Please check if this specific function works properly now.

Also, please provide feedback regarding this test firmware after your testing as it helps us push the feature to be implemented faster into main firmware.

by anonymous

Hello Ian Morrish,

please provide feedback regarding this test firmware after your tests.

Just uploaded this firmware but now I can't login with the password I had set for admin. Will reset and try setup again.
by anonymous

Please, try default password: admin01

Login was valid but just styed on the login page saying didn't have access to the page requested, not the same as when you put in the wrong password and get "wrong username or password" error. Reset fixed that.

Although I can now type in the http path, the action is never triggered. Log file shows TxT received but no record of the http action (which I did see with the original firmware).

Might be something I'm doing wrong in the configuration as I only want to use the device for SMS forwarding via http on the internal LAN so I had changed the rout to make all traffic( go to my Lan gateway address.

Still learning about this device, might try going back to the old firmware to confirm it works with that.
by anonymous
Make sure that the configuration with the fix FW version is the same as with the master FW version.
Keep settings should not be used during the upgrade. You must then re-enter the settings manually.

Were you able to get the desired result with the standard FW version?
Please, share your configuration screen shots. I am interested in SMS forwarding and Routing pages.

Thank you for the clarifications.
by anonymous

Hi Ian Morrish,

please, provide feedback on this test firmware. Were you able to solve the issues you encountered? Your feedback will allow us to include changes in basic updates.

by anonymous


I will be grateful if you provide your feedback on the patched firmware.