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(Submitting my comment as a post)

The OSPF configuration is missing a few paramaters to configure, this was manually setup to meet my use case.

My use case was, 

1) I had my RUTX09 as a 4G wan router, that connects to another router via the WAN port via OSPF, I want the lan interface to have it's network advertised to the rest of the network, but no HELLO packets to be sent out the interface. I also want the default gateway to be advertised via OSPF (For multi-wan)

ospf router-id 0.0.0.x
  default-information originate ! Advertise default route
  network 172.16.x.x/24 area ! wan
  network 192.168.x.x/24 area ! advertise network br-lan to other routers.
  passive-interface br-lan ! Do not advertise on interface br-lan (Stops OSPF discovery on this interface)

Currently these are not configurable in the UI,

default-information originate

Also these would be good to have to distribute static routes.

redistribute connected
redistribute static

Either these feature(s) implemented or to turn off the management of OSPF via the web gui and give an option to do it manually without the init.d scripts overwriting my changes, right now I've been manually editing the init script to not write a OSPF config leaving my own custom one untouched. 

How did you get the Teltonik to save the config? Asking due the problem I have, described here https://community.teltonika-networks.com/33336/rut955-not-retaining-cli-saved-settings?show=33336#q33336

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I have forwarded your request to our RnD department. When I have more information regarding this topic, I will let you know.