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Hello Guys,
   I have to prepare WAN witch has very strict monitoring requirements. I have to monitor for each of QoS class (3 classes):

a. Jitter b)     Packet Loss Ratio C) Round Trip Delay

also monitor CPU, memory, RTT, availability of interfaces, load of network interfaces etc.

There is any chance to get this info n RUTX09 device: cmd, SNMP, MIB, OID?

Other thing - on the RUTX09 is chance do define for pockets IP Precednese or DSCP?

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Info on available SNMP variable list is here:


RUTX09 does not currently support QoS. It is planned to add QoS functionality with the release of firmware 2.5. This article briefly represents what it will look like:


Also, packet precedence is not yet supported. However, it is possible to contribute route rules that direct traffic according to the ToS header. Parameter “TOS Value to Match” on page Network > Routing > Advanced Static Routes:


Best Regards.