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Our Teltonika Rut955 modems always use around 20-40 kb of data every 15 min (data usage is broken down into 15 min sessions by sim provider). Even if nothing is plugged in or connected to the unit, still have this persistent data usage.

All services are OFF except:

NTP client (updates every 4 hours)  

DDNS Service (IP renew 12 hours and force IP renewal of 48 hours)

SMS Utility

How can I minimise this data usage when the modem is not suppose to be doing anything?

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First of all, I would highly recommend updating your device to the latest firmware, as it may contain changes that include optimizations and traffic corrections.

There is a way to check the traffic that's happening not only between your connected devices but on the router itself.

To do that you will have to navigate to:

Status > Graphs > Connections

Here you will be able to see all incoming and outcoming traffic and calculate it against mobile traffic shown in the overview page.

If you have RMS - disable the connection to it, your router may also send constant data to RMS and it would mean more data traffic than it should be.

Once you go through all active services that could be sending or receiving data and make sure they're disabled - you should be getting significantly less data usage.

If you're still worried that there's too much data traffic you can always use QoS functionality, which will let you limit not only your default interface data traffic, but also application data usage determined by ports.

Also 20 - 40 kb data usage every 15 minutes is not very significant (~100MB monthly)


Hi, Thank you for the quick response. Firmware is fully updated.

I noticed in the realtime connection there are many (11):

IPV4    ICMP      37B

Looks like this may be causing it. Any idea on how to limit or minimise these?
You could try to block ICMP packets using firewall traffic rules (Network > Firewall > Traffic Rules) or create custom iptables rules to block certain type of packets (Network > Firewall > Custom Rules), but it is not recommended because some of the services may stop