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Hello there. I cannot log into my router via WEB-UI anymore. I am using the same password I used to which I have from my vault.

Recreating the problem.

1. I generate a link inside RMS.

2. I follow that link to the login page for the router I am trying to access

3. I enter the user name and password from my vault. ie. I expect that it is correct. I submit the page and merely get back to the login page again with password now empty and no error message.

4. If I use and incorrect password, i.e. not from my vault, then I will get an incorrect username/password combo.

5. Lastly, I can log in via CLI.

Note, I only have remote access and no physical access to the router as I am out of country.
Problem solved. This was an issue with my cache in Firefox. Clearing the cache solved the problem.

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Glad you've solved your issue.