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I'm running a RUTX09 with Firmware version RUTX_R_00.02.04.3 and 2 WAN interfaces : the wired WAN port connected to a DSL ISP, and the Mobile SIM1 connected to LTE/4G.

It's working fine,

but I wonder if it's possible to configure the WAN network failover or load balancing so one particular VLAN on the LAN side can be routed only to mobile LTE on the WAN side, while other LAN ports/VLANs are routed to wired WAN;

Thanks for your help,


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Yes, it's very simple in fact. I will assume that you have already configured WAN, LAN and VLAN interfaces and your goal is to make one LAN move through Wired WAN, the other through Mobile WAN:

  • LAN1 ----> WAN1 ----> Internet
  • LAN2  ----> WAN2 ----> Internet

  • Go to the Network → Interfaces page and click 'Edit' next to one of your LAN interfaces:
  • Then enter the IP address of the WAN interface that you wish to associate with this LAN into the IPv4 gateway field and optionally specify a DNS server:
  • Save changes.

This is the easiest way to it. You can do this for both interfaces or just for the secondary (because LAN interfaces will use the primary link as default anyway).

If you have a more complicated issue, you can use routing and firewall rules. If you need help with that, please tell me.

Good luck,

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Yes I have already configured WAN, LAN and some VLAN interfaces. 

Actual setup : identical routing for 2 VLANs

VLAN101 ---> failover between WAN_mobile (primary) and WAN_wired (secondary) ---> Internet

VLAN102 ---> failover teween WAN_mobile (primary) and WAN_wired (secondary) ---> Internet

My goal is to make VLAN101 going to Internet only via WAN_wired, whatever happens :

VLAN101 ---> WAN_wired ---> Internet

VLAN102 ---> failover teween WAN_mobile (primary) and WAN_wired (secondary) ---> Internet

A static IP address is given by DSL ISP, so wired WAN aleays have the same IP,

So I did edit the VLAN101 interface as you mentionned, and entered the IP address of WAN_wired interface into the IPv4 gateway field, save changes, rebooted.

But after that the VLAN101 still use the (primary) WAN_mobile and not the WAN_wired interface ...

Any setup exemple using other parameters or routing / firewall so VLAN101 traffic to Internet could go via WAN_wired interface only ?

Thanks for your help,



There is another way but upon testing it I discovered a small bug. However, there's a simple workaround.

  • Go to the Network → Routing → Advanced Static Routes page and add a new routing table:
  • Click the 'Edit' button next to the newly added table.
  • Add a static route like this to the table:
  • Note that here you need to use the wired WAN gateway IP, not the interface address.
  • Now go back to the Advanced Static Routes page and add a new routing rule.
  • Configure the rule like this:
  • And here's the small issue I've encountered. The WebUI doesn't let you set the Source subnet properly in this page. To set the actual subnet for this rule, log in via SSH/CLI and execute these commands:
uci set network.@rule[0].src=''
uci commit
/etc/init.d/network restart

The routing part is complete. What this does is:

  • the rule matches traffic originating from VLAN101 (;
  • tells the router to use the specified routing table (111 in this example) to route this traffic;
  • the table contains a route which leads to the Internet via the wired WAN gateway.

In case wired WAN should go down, the route will stay there as inactive. This prevents VLAN101 from using the mobile interface as the default gateway.



I am totally new here with RUTX12...

I would like to setup routing like this:

Wifi --> SIM1 --> Internet

LAN1-4 --> SIM2 --> Internet

I don't have static IP's for those two SIMs, could that be a problem if IP's changes ?

What is easy way to do that ?

Is it possible to save different configuration and apply them to router ?

Thank you.