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A Customer asked if he could get a similar application like freeboard,  running on the RUT11X Router.

The Swiss Factory with a very similar vehicle router equipment like yours (net mo...) implemented a cli php Webserver, and now the customer is able to build his own simple freeboard, mostly to have a look at some actual data like current WAN link, Mobile Signal Strength and other stuff.

Our question is:

Is there actual a similiar possibility, to use freeboard and json applications with the RUT11x Router (newest firmware installed),

or will there be a future possibility like an cli php Webserver, to manage these data?

Kind regards from Germany

BOS Mobile,

Thomas Koop

1 Answer

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For this, we use 3rd party opkg packages that can be downloaded and configured. If there's such a possibility to make this work with OpenWRT based routers you should find it in opkg list. I'm pretty sure there are various PHP packages that let you run WebServer on our routers, but for this particular feature, you will need to do your own research.