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I'm currently using the RUT9XX_SM_00.01.194 version and trying to upgrade it to RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1. When I try to upgrade it, it tells me I don't have enough flash memory left. Any way I can fix this?

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I'm surprised that you have such an old device, not often you see those :)

I've got steps for you, but there is a slight chance that you will have to send your device to RMA procedure.

  1. Update your bootloader to this 3.0.1 version. Make sure you're updating the bootloader, not firmware.
  2. After that, update your firmware through the same bootloader menu.
  3. Wait for the update to be done.
After that, you should have functional RUT955, if not - I'm afraid you will need to proceed with RMA.