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Can I use RUT955 to get variables from a PLC (i.e. Schneider M241) via Modub TCP, and then send these PLC data to Azure IoT Central at interval of every 30 seconds?

If yes, is there a instruction page for doing this?



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I am from Schneider Electric and I have worked well with Teltonika products with Machine Advisor. (IOT Hub)

I don't know the difference with IOT Central.

In the current state of the RUT955 firmware, you can only use it as MQTT bridge.

The M241 has to generate the messages in MQTT and the router will do the broker to publish with TLS.

Send me a PM if it suits you.

Reading in Modbus TCP and sending on Azure is possible with the RUT240 and TRB2xx since the Data to Server > Send as an object function is available in the firmware.
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