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RUTX11 – the device is translating all LAN traffic to the address allocated to the 4G network. This address is random so we can’t set up routing back to it from the network as it will change on every reboot.

 What we want to happen is that the traffic from the LAN is transported and pops out at the other end with the same IP address is started with. That way the 4G addresses can change but the LAN traffic won’t. Then we can set up return paths.

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Correct me if I am wrong but your mobile operator provides you with dynamic IP address that is constantly changing. You can solve your issue by contacting your provider to set you up with static IP or configure DDNS service. While using DDNS you will be able to configure your return paths, because it will provide you with one non changing address name, even if your mobile IP changes from time to time. More about DDNS:


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