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I try to make an L2TP over IPSec connection from RUT240 to my Zywall USG 200.

I followed your example and the IPSec connection is working perfect:

Security Associations (1 up, 0 connecting):  Oteflinige[1]: ESTABLISHED 21 seconds ago, 10.14X.173.X8[vpn]...37.XX0.206.173[]

  Oteflinige{1}:  INSTALLED, TRANSPORT, reqid 1, ESP in UDP SPIs: cd9348f0_i a8e92533_o

  Oteflinige{1}:   10.145.173.X8/32 === 37.XX0.206.173/32

I can see the IPSec connection on my Zywall as well.
But there is no L2TP user signed in and I think the L2TP connection is not established?

Do you have any idea how to connect? I also can't see any L2TP request in my Zywall log.

FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.12.3

by anonymous
So I have to write Zyxel?
by anonymous
I think you should give it a try, as other devices have no problems connecting with LT2P over IPSec.


1 Answer

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by anonymous

Did you follow these instructions?

You need to test L2TP by pinging the other endpoint IP address leased by L2TP.


Yes I tried it is not working. I can't see any L2TP user connected on my Zywall only the IPSec is showing.

If I connect to my Zywall with Mac OS VPN L2TP over IPSec it looks like this on the Zywall:

Here only my MacBook is showing:

by anonymous
Could you send me your troubleshoot file via private message so I could look into your configuration and logs?

by anonymous
Maybe this is the problem?

Sat Sep 19 14:06:03 2020 daemon.notice xl2tpd[7239]: Connecting to host, port 1701

Sat Sep 19 14:06:03 2020 xl2tpd[7239]: control_finish: Connection closed to 37.XXX.206.XX, port 1701 (No IPSec protection for the L2TP tunnel), Local: 63825, Remote: 28098

Sat Sep 19 14:06:04 2020 user.notice gre-keepalive: Reloading gre-tunnel-keepalive due to ifup-failed of Otelfingen ()
by anonymous
It seems that L2TP can't see the IPSec running along. And it looks like it could be the issue of Zywall.