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I noticed the Teltonika TRB140 only recognise and assign an IP to my device if I start the teltonika with my device ON connected to the modem, if I boot the teltonika and connect my device after it is running it looks like the teltonika doesnt release an IP  to my device.

Is the teltonika missing any configuration or it is because the Teltonika TRB140 is not a LAN client?

*ps: My device is setup to DHCP.

Thanks for the help!

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Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce your issue. After boot and before boot I tried to connect the LAN cable but every time I was successful reaching WebUI.

Please try these options to fix your issue:

  • Update your TRB140 firmware to the latest one.
  • Reset your device.
  • Try looking up for issues in your Network Adapter configuration on your OS.
Also, these are workarounds that should help you:
  • Configure a static lease in your TRB140 or give your network adapter a static IP.
  • Change the IP lease time of DHCP server.