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I have a RUT950 with a webUI not responding.
I have read all(?) wikimessages regarding this matter but not found a solution.

* The RUT950 is fully functional and I can access all my remote units,
  but I cannot login to the RUT with browser (no response, browser timeout)

* I can log into the RUT950 with SSH (Putty)
  If I reboot the RUT (via SSH command), the webUI is accessible   (I can login with browser), but after a couple of minutes the webUI stops responding  (timeout). Same behaviour if I power off/on.
With SSH:   cat version

As I can login with SSH I should be able to enter commands, change scripts, look for
error messages and/or logfiles, but I do not know where to find all information or
what to look for.

Pls. advise.

PS. I assume I could upgrade the firmware thru SSH, but how?

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I will assume this happened on the new device that you haven't touched yet internally.

An easier way to upgrade the firmware would be not through CLI, but through Bootloader menu where your old settings will be wiped and your router should boot like-new device and have updated firmware on startup.

I'm not sure why this would happen at all what happened to you, but let's hope update through bootloader should work this out.


Not really new device, it has been up and running for at least a year. And as said, it works fine, but I need to add another port forwarding.

The webUI trouble started in July, when I tried to login and had forgotten the password. The next time (when I found the pwd) I could no longer login (seems I was blocked). Is there a command (SSH) to check blocking status and perhaps unblock?

br /ChristerB

Blocklist can be found in /etc/config folder:

  • cd /etc/config/
  • vi blocklist
  • Press letter i on your keyboard to start editing the file
  • Delete all insides of the file so it would be totally empty
  • type :wq to save and quit the file
  • Reboot the router with command reboot
If you were really blocked from accessing the WebUI - after the reboot you should be able to load the page.

Super, that was the "trick". In the blocklist file, my LAN-ip was blocked

root@Teltonika-RUT950:/etc/config# cat blocklist
config uhttpd
        option ip ''
        option date '1596926672'

So I removed the file, created a new empty one, and now I can login.

  rm blocklist
  touch blocklist

Thank you for helping.

br /ChristerB