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I just started working with a RUTX09 and have good internet connection when using wired WAN, but when using mobile connection, theLAN does not have any connection to the internet.

I have tried the sim in another device and mobile data is working.

I have verified the APN settings and they appear correct.

Using troubleshooting, I get successful response to the PING command.

What do I need to do to provide internet to LAN using the sim card?

Kind regards,

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If I understood correctly, when you are using SIM card, you can ping outside network via CLI for example and devices connected to router do not have internet access? First of all, update your firmware version if you have not done that already, then in WebUI navigate Network > Interfaces > LAN > Physical Settings and make sure mobile interface is selected. Also check if DHCP server is enabled in LAN interface general settings.


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Firmware update did the trick. After firmware update did "Restore to Factory default" as soon as the system rebooted, and connected, the system worked as expected.

Many thanks