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RUT950 is ver slow.  If I connect the router to mobile I get 6 down and 7 up.  Using the same sim in my iPhone sitting beside the router I get 12 down and 9 up.  I have tried moving the antenna but no difference.

On wifi with the router logged into my wifi modem I get 12 down and 11 up on my laptop. If I connect my laptop to the wifi modem directly by wifi I get 54 down and 32 up.  I get similar if the router is connected by wire.

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I didn't really understand what routers you've tried and where do you see the issue.

Please read this, it should explain why it's slower.

Also, to get the best out of our product please make sure you have:

  • Manual frequency bands
  • Good signal.
  • Right antennas for right connectors (and that they're tightly screwed in).
  • And the right channels for WiFi transmission.