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Dear Sir,

I having issue, where my computer on LAN port of RUT950, where the windows 10 pro consistenly update.

I Have enable Service -> Web Filter - > SITE Blocking Setting   ( where by i "TICK" Enable ,  "Whitelist"  Mode , I key in the website that i allow which is teltonika-networks.com.

No other hostname are key in.

But The computer still consistenly get update and request user to restart. May i know where has i done wrong ?  How can i block the computer from going to Web except those few i allow ?

Thanks. Your help really appreciated.

Best Regards,


I am also facing same issue on my website, If you found any helpful guide, Please let me know. Thanks

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As Site-Blocking only blocks HTTPS and Proxy-based content blocked blocks HTTP access, to block certain services from your computer network you will need to either block their IP addresses (which is probably impossible, as they're always changing the server), or block the port they're using on the service.

But as the service uses a huge load of DNS addresses and IP addresses behind it that change every time - it is almost impossible to stop it as we do not support DNS blocking and even if we did it won't help you in a long run...

What I would suggest you look into Google for possibilities blocking the service locally on your computer itself. There are a lot of ways to do that, though I do not recommend that - there are a lot of security updates that are really important for any machine out there.

Hi EB,

I have found something weird. Below is the steps i tried.

- I have clear the Browser Cache, and flush the DNS.
I have ensure that the browser not able to get the other website only whitelist. and Windows Update also Shows error connection to update service.
- I remain the same as Using Service-Web Filter -> Site Blocking  with (ENABLE (tick) , Mode WhiteList , Host Name Enable : www.youtube.com) .

- The Next step , i restart the Modem Teltonika RUT 950.

-> After Restart the Modem, It seems that the Modem allows all the DNS resolved during first few minutes and pass to the computer .   At this point onwards, The computer able to browse to  website as they like without restriction of Site Blocking Setting.  

( This works for Ping command also)   If i am ping the address during the moment , then I can continue to browse to those website from now on. Then it works until i FlushDNS. Then The ping will not work for the website not in the whitelist.

Maybe  you have a look into this ?  Thank you very much for your support

As the router is still booting - some of the configurations are not executed yet, including config with site blocking. So it's normal that you find those sites working for a few moments while the router is still booting up.