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I see this kind of issue is quite frequent with RUT products, but reading the responses I see there is no uniform solution. Most users are asked to send troubleshoot records and no solution is published, others are advised to upgrade to earlier version, there is a possibility of a new firmware coming soon and so on. So here it goes my case and I'm happy to submit troubleshoot files if someone respond.

I'm preparing a RUT955 to install in a vehicule that will travel in remote areas in Brazil. The mission is very simple, just provide minimum possible connectivity for sending Whatsapp text messages for the vehicle crew. We are using a Poynting MIMO-V2 antenna in the top of the car to improve reception.

During my tests, I notice that RUT955 handles the connection well when the signal is going down switching from 4G to 3G. While in 3G, I managed to exchange messages at -107dBm which is very good. After a while in my test, the signal goes even lower and naturally all communications is stopped and the system is disconnected. The problem happens when the signal is back to -67dBm, state returns to 4G (LTE) but the Data connection remains in DISCONNECTED mode. The only solution is to power the unit off and on again for the connection to return.

For my simple mission, this problem is very unfortunate since I need to guarantee best possible connectivity to the car crew. Hope to receive the latest instructions from Teltonika engineers.

Many thanks,


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For this issue of yours this functionality may help you.


You can configure it to be on modem reboot instead of device reboot so what will happen when the RUT955 is not able to ping google dns as default the router will reboot it's modem.

Hope it helps