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One of my RUTX11s seems to go in to lockdown from time to time.  I have updated to the latest Firmware.

What happens: All lights are looking good, Wifi, 4G, Good signal etc but there is no internet active. It all looked ok on RMS too.

The problem went away the last time it happened after some time. I did a range of things like powering it off and on, rebooting and evening swapping sims to check.

In the end, it all worked fine again with the same sim etc.

Today, I have the same problem since this morning. Now I also cannot see it in RMS either (I am not at home now to check the lights).Can you advise me as I cannot think what might be wrong and I need the system working reliably. Please advise.

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It is very unclear why you loose internet connection. If RMS shows that your device is offline, it could be that it is unplugged right now or that  your operator has some issues. I suggest to set up the Auto reboot service (https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUTX11_Auto_Reboot). That way when you loose your internet connection, router will automatically reboot and you may have restored connection.