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What is difference if zerotier VPN is enabled and Mode is server from Mode client?

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When you configure your router to operate in server mode, all other devices that are connected to your ZeroTier VPN and operates in client mode will receive server IP address. This wiki guide may shed light on your question: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/ZeroTier_One_VPN_configuration

Tank you for your explanation! I read several time wiki guide you mentioned but still do not understand.

You are explaining that all devices connected to ZeroTier VPN operating in client mode will receive server IP address.

Suppose my server having private IP address (as it is in most of GSM providers). Which IP address will receive devices operating in client mode? Private IP address of device operating in server mode? Or public IP address after NAT? Or menaged IP address in ZeroTier network?

What you exactly mean by "will receive server IP"? Please give example.

Sorry for asking so many questions but I could not find "server" "client" setting for ZeroTier implementation for other devices. It seems to be Teltonika special feature.
Your clients will get physical server IP address in ZeroTier network.