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I tried to build a custome firmware GPL but the device is unable to boot. Is there a process to recover the device?



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Yes, there are ways to recover your device, please refer to this wiki guide: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB140_Device_Recovery_Options


The Problem is that the device is not even able to boot. The only thing i get is all signal indicator leds blinking and a connection via fastboot. Is it possible to get a working rootfs and flash it via fastboot?

The link in the following answer sadly is not valid anymore: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/20783/installing-gpl-trb140-firmware-on-new-ec25-device

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Jonas Martin

Yes it is possible to flash it using fastboot.

  • You need to compile Static firmware image using SDK (make menu config > target images > trb14x static image)
  • Once you finish compiling static image, you will be able to find it in SDK folder bin/targets/mdm9x07/generic/tltFws/
  • Extract the compiled image and you should find root and kernel files inside.
  • Download fastboot drivers to your PC.
  • Plug your device and enter fastboot mode (hold reset button and plug power source while holding for few seconds)
  • Check if your device entered fastboot mode:

fastboot devices

If your device is in fastboot mode, you get output from this command. After that enter these commands

sudo fastboot flash boot_a kernel

sudo fastboot flash boot_b kernel

sudo fastboot rootfs_a root

sudo fastboot rootfs_b root

sudo fastboot reboot

kernel and root are full file paths to these files from your active directory.