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Hello all.
At the beginning, I apologize for my English, I use a Google translator.
Network description:
I have two data centers A and B, which are connected by GRE VPN via IPSec. Fortigate stands in both data centers. The BGP protocol is also running between them.

I have several branches connected to the IPSec tunnel to the data center A and B. There are Linksys routers in the branches. We want to exchange them for RUT955 and run VPN tunnels with BGP support so that the branch connected to the data center A could get to data in the data center B through the existing connection between A and B. As well as to connect from the branch connected to the data center And to a branch connected to data center B.

Each branch has a different LAN address and two internet links.

I tried to set up a GRE tunnel through IPSec between RUT955 and Fortigate and run BGP in it without success.
The following image briefly presents the current network.
IPSEC tunnels from the branches we want to exchange for those with BPG service, so that from branch 1 get to branch 4 through tunnel A - B.

Is it possible to configure it based on RUT955?
I will be grateful for any hints.

1 Answer

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I haven't done it myself, but l think these steps will work for you:

So you need first IPSec established, then GRE and after, obviously, iBGP or eBGP peering.