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I have UTM in my head office and Teltonika RUT 950 in the branch office. UTM and Teltonika are connected via IPSec. Both sides can reach to each other. I would like to route whole traffic from branch office to my UTM via IPSec where I can analyze traffic and create secure rules, NAT rules etc. Is it possible on RUT950? If yes how can I do this?    



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I share an instruction on how to implement such a solution. I hope this will help you.

Hello. Thank you for sharing instruction. My first step to configuring the internet through the IPsec was the in the remote network field. Difference to your instruction was enabled a left and a right firewall in my configuration. But despite unchecked a left and right firewall in configuration, routing still doesn't work properly. My local network (RUT 950 site) is RUT 950 has When I enable IPSec and connection is established I lost connection to RUT 950 through LAN side. Can't ping from a device connected to LAN port.  I have to disable IPSec connection on my UTM device or restart RUT 950 and disable IPSec before established connection to restore LAN connection. Do you have any other idea what can be wrong in my configuration?
The router has IPsec passthrough functionality. If you want all traffic to be routed through the IPsec tunnel, you can enable passthrough in IPsec settings by entering your UTM IP address in the Custom field.