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I'm considering purchasing the TRB140 and saw a report (https://community.teltonika-networks.com/20615/trb140-firmware-upgrade-4g-modem-stops-working) that the latest firmware bricks the device, is this currently the case?

Also, how do we know if a TRB140 has the correct hardware revision for PoE support? I've contacted many distributors and either some don't know or others are saying the last batch they received was in August. Is it safe to assume that any batch in circulation now supports PoE?

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It is really unusual that device bricks when installing the latest firmware correctly. Even if you will get very unfortunate and somehow brick your device it is possible to recover and fix your device so do not worry about that.

Regarding your question about PoE support, TRB140 from batch 12 and all the following batches have PoE support. Most likely when you buy the device you will get a device from the newer batch.

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That's great, thanks for clarifying!