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I have a RUT950 connected to a WiFi modem by wireless as the attachment shows.  As you can see the speeds are terrible when it goes through the  RUT950.  When I connect it via mobile the speeds are worse, 1.7Mbps download. If I put the same sim in a NETGEAR AirCard 790 sitting beside the RUT950 with no aerials I get 21Mbps download.  

Also every time I make a change to the router in the Webui it has to be rebooted to get any internet connection.

I have done a factory reset 7 times.  Firmware 00.06.07

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Regarding to the issue yours, I would like to know what is the LAN IP of the Modem/Router and the LAN IP of the RUT950 you are using?
Also may i get a copy of the troubleshoot file of the RUT950.