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i have the latest Firmware (01.12.3 - RUT240) and can´t connect with my router over Internet. I was never able to connect remotely without using RMS with my router. I have checked the remote access button under Administration->Access Control-> Enable remote access http and https.

My Sim provider is Vodafone and i have a public IP, which i can ping and get always answer. Also i use DDNS in order to read my dynamic public IP, which only works, when i connect with my router via W-LAN. Otherwise i have no connection over internet. My router has internet connection and can Download/ Upload Data.

I need to be able to connect with my router, but i don´t know why it doesn´t work.

Need support!


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Would it be possible for you to try and connect to yours router remotely few times, then download troubleshoot file, and send it to me?

Secondly, what internet source are you using when testing remote connection? Do you get any kind of error when doing so? Maybe you could provide an example?

Best regards,