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by anonymous
Hi. I am using the rut955 to trigger some lights when the motion sensor input comes on. The issue I have, is if the input is on and the output is enabled, and then the profile is changed (going from day to night) the input stays on as it was on during profile change. Anyway to ensure it always goes back to normal state even if it is on during profile change?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Could you provide more information, for starters firmware version?

Then if understand correctly, you have 2 profile configurations set up and once the day comes you switch to another profile which should have input set to off? Screenshots of your configuration would help us out a lot.

Hi. Firmware is RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.

Yes correct. Digital input is shorted, which is set to enable output whilst input is active. If profile is switched whilst input is active (therefore output is on) the output stays on even thought input is no longer shorted.

The fix is to logon to web interface and switch output to off and then operation is back to normal again .

by anonymous
First of all, please upgrade your firmware version to the latest 6.7. Also, how do you trigger your profile change? I will try to replicate the issue.
by anonymous
Hi. I use scheduler. it happens at the same time every day/night when i switch into "night mode".
by anonymous
Could you send your configuration screenshots, I just tried myself and everything worked fine. Maybe I am trying to replicate your issue wrong.
by anonymous

Here you go

Pics of the input config (which triggers the output) and how the scheduler is setup
by anonymous
Still could not reproduce the issue. Everything went as expected. Could you try to upgrade your FW to 6.7 version and check?
by anonymous
Hi. I will, but all my machines are out so i can test until them come back from customers. Will keep you posted.
by anonymous
Hi. Ive upgraded firmware, still the same issue. If i have a profile that had the relay output enabled, and then switch profiles, the output stays on. Any other ideas on how i can solve this?

I suspect that it may be because the firmware upgrade hasnt solved it, but i feel that if i started with a new config it may be OK. I can send you a backup to test, please provide email address for me to send it to.