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The wiki shows the ability to configure a HTTP server to send GPS data, but I can't seem to find the related HTTP protocol anywhere, while the GPS protocol for TCP/IP and UDP/IP are described here, there is no mentioning about the HTTP protocol.

Is this the same as the TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol?

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by anonymous

No, TCP/UDP IP protocol is different than HTTP. While you are sending data to your HTTP server, you will get it in plain text. Longitude and latitude and any other data are visible in plain text. You can simply read about HTTP/HTTPS protocol here:

Sending GPS data over HTTP is very easy, you could download the Hercules SETUP utility application to simulate the server. In the router configuration, just press enable and write server IP, in server application start the TCP server over port 80.



I'm aware of the HTTP protocol and it's differences from TCP sockets or UDP packets, but I don't find documentation of those HTTP requests anywhere for RUT955. I already saw a screenshot of that Hercules SETUP utility application and it shows a body with $GPGSA and $GPGSV messages which I don't find explained anywhere.

Can you point us to that documentation?

by anonymous

Please refer this sentence reference table:

We do not have documentation on how to read each value, because it is NMEA standart that most of the devices use. You will need to search over the internet for documentation, for example this one:

The simplest solution is to use online interpretators that converts this information to readable data.