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Hi guys,

today I triggered a FW update to load FW00.06.07
After that the modem is completly out of function.
It kept all settings but all states are just marked with an -.
Is it possible to restore the modem remotly or load the FW again?

Hi guys, mine also behaves like this, every restart it works fine for about 10/15 minutes, then it goes out of service, it behaves like this after the last update ... Thanks

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First of all, I would recommend restoring your device to factory default configuration if you can afford that and not afraid to reconfigure your settings.

Another suggestion would be to try reinstall firmware. If that does not help, write me a private message with your modem model and I will provide you with instructions on how to install modem firmware.

I can not restore to factory default since I can not access the modem afterwards.
Reloading the new FW lead to the same problem.
By loading the old FW I lost the connection.

Is there a possibility to reload a config from a USB Stick?
No there is no possibility to upload config from USB. If you have connected your device to RMS, you can upload backup using via RMS.