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Hi all,

I`m having some trouble with two RUT240 routers. One router (A) takes all the data from my laptop , the other router (B) is used by an external company. What I want to do is make all the data go to router (A) from my laptop, then router (B) recives that data but only the data from port 502 Modbus. Is there a way to forward on data from one Ip to another and secondly is there a way to firewall that said data on the second router (B) ?

Thank you,


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by anonymous


The scenario that you shared is little bit confusing it is best if you can make a topology for this scenario of yours. What i understand is that you are using modbus protocol due to the port 502. 

So if i am correct you want to get the data from the other side where a PLC is connected right? Let say the data you want to get is running on the service port 502 and you are using a software that will be the one to translate the data on that port into readable data. The answer for this is a simple port-forwarding but only if you can reach the IP address of the other router meaning it is running on a public ip address or you are using private apn sim cards. 

You can do this one by just configuring a new port-forward rule in Network > Firewall > Port-forwarding
Just create a rule like external port: 502, Internal IP: IP of the said device,  and internal port: 502. 

You can get more details on this link:

If this is not what you are trying to achieve kindly give more specific detail on what are you trying to do, what data you want to get and what services are you using. 

Hope it helps