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In the Event Report Configuration, I set up an report for WiFi Client Connection like this:


but I also get SMS on Client disconnected. The Event Subtype seems disregarded.

One remark: The event name "New Wifi Client" is misleading: sounds as if known clients are not reported, but they are. Maybe leave out the word "new", since this is what it is: (any) WiFi client connecting.

Another question: (How) is it possible to filter these events? In this case, I want only SMS from a specific device connecting to WiFi. Is there any configuration file I could edit? Where is the magic happening? Is there a certain script I could modify, as a last resort?

Thank You!

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Could you tell me which device and firmware version you are using? Also if it is not the latest firmware, please upgrade it.

Regarding your question about reporting if a specific device is connected to your AP, it is not possible to configure reports like that, even by changing configuration files.

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Sorry, of course: It' RUT955, latest Firmware 00.06.07
Thank you for letting us know about this issue. I will forward it to our RnD team and hopefully, it will be fixed in the next update. Also, I will forward your suggestion about a specific device connected to Wifi reporting.

Best regards.