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In RMS, I monitor RUT230. I have set up alerts when routers go offline. In the case of several devices with a weak GSM signal level above -87dBi, I get several prompts a day about go offline. However, these devices return online by themselves. 

Unfortunately, one router with the strongest -55dBi signal also switches to offline mode several times a day. However, it often happens, that the router does not come back to online by itself, but only after it is physically turned off and turned on. What could be the reason?
Router has a newest firmware.

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As the router itself initiates the connection between itself and RMS - it needs to be manually connected or it will try to connect every 2-4 minutes.

About the issue now, what I would suggest is:

  • Resetting your devices to factory defaults and making sure nothing else is interrupting the work.
  • Check if you didn't have any other features running like scheduled or periodic reboots.
  • Check if your device itself doesn't lose the internet connection and is working properly.
  • Try to find out if they have some kind of pattern of disconnecting - maybe they disconnect exactly every hour or after you've done something?
  • Lastly, try setting up those scheduled/periodic reboots and see if maybe freshly everyday restarted devices work more stable.
If you get any more information - let me know.