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Hi, I'm using AT commands to set a network operator (Ex: gsmctl -A AT+COPS=1,2,20408), which does change the operator, but every 5 minutes it automatically reconnects. Using mode "1" should put it on manual. In the webUI, under "Network > Mobile > Network Operators" I found the following:

Using AT commands doesn't seem to change this setting, meaning that the change will always only last 5 minutes. I also tried changing it to manual from here, but that just makes it so that it reconnects to a specific operator that I enter there every 5 minutes. I could increase the interval but at that point if I move out of range it might not try to reconnect until, say, an hour has passed.

For my application I am not always in the same place and would like to be able to change the operator manually using AT commands.

I want to be able to use "gsmctl -A AT+COPS=1,2,20408" to set it to manual for as long as I need and only have it go back to auto when I use "gsmctl -A AT+COPS=0". Is there some way to do this? If not, are there other commands that could achieve this?

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by anonymous


First you should check and upgrade your device to latest firmware version:


To set operator manually you can use the Web UI page Network > Mobile > Network Operators.


Or use AT command: AT+COPS=1,2,24602

(24602 - is the digital number of the operator, should be changed according to your area)

gsmctl -A AT+COPS?

This will output you something like:

+COPS: 1,2,"24602",7

To identify what those values mean please check this page:


Kind regards.

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