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I have a project in Pakistan, where about 30 environmental monitoring stations are already installed in last 2 months. All these stations are using RUT240 as a mean of data transmission(by FTP via public Internet). I have faced a problem: already 4 routers on different stations are stopped functioning after certain days or weeks of normal operation without any visible reason. All the routers was substituted by our Pakistan partner with new ones. The "faulty" routers was brought to its office where were tested. All the devices seem to be fully functioning, but all of them cannot register to the cellular network (The Status LED are blinking 2G => 3G => 4G and "Denied" in the Operator state field on web-interface).
The SIM (was tested 2 different ones from 2 operators Zong and Ufone) are OK, PIN is disabled, balance is positive.

After that test the same SIM's was inserted into another "new" router of the same model,  there was no problem with registering and data transmission.. 
The configuration of this "new" working router was saved and then uplodated to each of 4 "faulty" routers. The problem was still present. (FW version on "faulty" and "new" ones was  1.07.1). All "faulty" routers was resetted to factory default and configured manually and also using a config file from a "new" router. - NO RESULT. One router was upgraded to the latest version of FW - NO RESULT.

What could be a cause of this problem?

The stations are powererd by the solar power (with 12V lead battery). There were no power problems (the data loggers of all the stations remain active registering the data from the sensors during the router outage period). The stations are rather distant. Nobody has access to the routers remotely or locally  before failure..

The troublesooting logs are saved and can be sent on request.

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Could you please send me a troubleshoot file for the router that is having issue?

Also confirm what APN are you using ? is it custom or auto? 

I would like to request you to upgrade router to the latest firmware ( without keeping setting and after upgrading go to mobile settings and by default APN is on auto , disable auto and the correct APN for the operator will automatically appear in the APN field and after selecting custom APN  save and try if the issue persists.

Thank you.




As discussed please provide anydesk id for the remote session i.e at 9:30 a.m Dubai time today.

I am connected on team viewer now.


I tried to connect again with the new password provided in DM but still team viewer is not active on your side. 

Could you please provide anydesk id ? 

Anydesk is a short file it will not take long time to download then download

Still showing the same team viewer is not active on your client side. Better to install anydesk.

Also due to multiple tries to connect with the remote my team viewer is giving error "that i am not able to connect this hour due to multiple attempts" but i uninstalled and installed again.

Please manage