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I have an issue since days, I not sure if it's due to the last firmware upgrade or not on the RUTX11.
Maybe configuration issue also...
I have actually one sim card on the RUTX11.

Pcs connect with ethernet cable and devices on wifi.
No issue to access to the internet and with DNS.

I have the professionnal laptop that use a vpn anyconnect on windows 10.
Normally, when I connect on the vpn anyconnect, the dns on the windows use the dns defined by the vpn connection.
But when I connect on the RUTX11, it keep the dns define on the router (nslookup specify use the lan rutx11 and dns of this lan) !

I tested with a shared connection on the mobile phone, and vpn, it works well (nslookup use the lan of my enterprise and the associated dns).
In past it works also on the RUTX11.

I don't know what happen and if there is a parameter to change.

thank for your help

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Under LAN interface DHCP Server's Options, you can define, which DNS servers will be push to LAN devices.

As multiple DNS servers could be define, you can set DNS server as VPN server and as router, which should solve the issue, that VPN server is not used for resolving domains.


Thank you for this answer, I will try.