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If I get at power interrupt in my house or the RUTX09 device get powerless for some reason, the device will not boot again if I try before I've waited at least 10 minutes. If  I try before that, it seems to be stuck in the boot process somewhere. I can get into the boot mode but I cannot get it to boot the firmware. If I just power it on and let it be, eventually the power led will start to flash after a couple of minutes. I've had this issue since I bought it a couple of months ago, and firmware updates has not changed the issue. When up and running the device will work just fine without issues. The problem is a bit annoying since I live in the forest and short power breaks happens now and then.

(I haven't found any settings for this behaviour in the devices config interface)

Anybody else that has the same issue or know a fix for this?

Thanks in advance!

Kind Regards, Johan

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It's really an unusual issue. Have you tried another power supply? Maybe it could be the brick that's causing this to happen.

In any case, I would first suggest reflashing your firmware through a bootloader menu. If this doesn't help then it would be best to have another power supply tested.

If it's also unsuccessful please contact the retailer or Teltonika Sales manager to proceed with the RMA procedure.


I've tested to reflash my firmware from the boot loader menu with no difference, but not with another power supply, thx for the tip.

I'll check if the power supply from my RUT240 will fit (or find another) and try it ASAP.

Kind regards, Johan