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I have a RUT955 with latest firmware installed ver 00.06.07, in Italy
In slot sim1 I use an Iliad sim, in slot2 I use a Vodafone sim
The sim selection to use is done manually
If I select sim1 everything seems to work correctly
If I select sim2 the router always reports on
Data Connection: disconnected
I set apn by hand on web.omnitel.it but with always negative results, using the sim2 the router does not connect to the telephone data network
I also tried to invert the position of the two sims and the effect is the same, the Vodafone sim does not allow the connection
Any suggestions?

1 Answer

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Regarding this issue of yours may i know what bands is the vodafone sim card is using? Could you provide me a screenshot of the mobile information of the device when vodafone sim card is in use.