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Is it possible to switch off all LEDs by CLI? I'd like to use the router as an alarm system and don't want to make intruders suspicious about the device, when it is armed.When not, I still want to have the LEDs in their normal function.

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There is a possibility to switch ALL LEDs except Power LED. Power LED will always work no matter what you do in the software.

To change it everywhere except Power LED - you must change the config in /etc/config/system.

There you will find this:

config leds

     option enable '1'

By changing 1 to 0, after restart and some time of booting you should be able to see all the LEDs OFF, but as I mentioned, Power LED is an exception.

If you want to hide Power LED too, maybe black tape will help you?


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Thanks for the Answer. With the power LED I can live with. I could put a cover on it. I see the power enabled by all the other LEDs.

But for the others: is it possible on the fly, without rebooting? As described, I'd like to put them off, when alarm service gets armed, and back to normal function, when disarmed.
You can use /etc/init.d/ledsman restart in case you don't want to fully restart your router.
Oh, great, it works. Thank You very much!