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I'm beginner, I would appreciate it if you could help me.

I want to install openvpn to access between remote private networks on two rutx12 devices. Devices use 2 different SIM card service providers to access the internet. I have a total of 4 sim cards. I am trying to implement the following link example:


However, I couldn't get any results in the last ping test. What could be the reason for this? IP addresses do not match? Do I need to establish a connection in WINDOWS after doing this openvpn configuration (like adding a vpn connection)? Is it important to distinguish whether my SIM cards IP addresses are public or private? 

(For example, present IP addresses are SIM1:141.196.x.x and SIM2:10.111.x.x)

You can click to see what I have setup. picture1

2 Answers

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To up the open vpn you have to have public real up address. In other cases it will not possible.
I understand it is not possible to do this with a dynamic IP address?
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