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by anonymous

I have just purchased a RUTX12 to be installed into a motorhome in Europe.

The idea is to configure the RUTX12 to primarly attach to public wifi when available.

If a public wifi is not available or if the connection speed/quality is not good, I would like to automatically turn on LTE modem 1 (that contains a sim for the local country provider)

Similarly, if LTE modem 1 connection is not available or if the connection speed/quality is not good, I would like to turn on LTE modem 2 (that uses a roaming sim).

In case of a wired connection on the WAN port, all other connections should be turned off.

I have kind of figured out how to create the WiFi as WAN connection but I am unsure how to proceed to implement the above-mentioned failover scenario.

Additionally, I was interested in the following.

- When using public wifi, is it possible to create some kind of encryption without the need of using a vpn client on the PC/Mac/Phone?

- In the above mentioned failover scenario, is it possible to easly replace the client wifi connection or have a pool of client wifi connections to pick form based again on strenght/quality?

- Is it possible to create differen WiFi AP that route through different connections? My idea is to have something like "Work" that gets the best possible connection, "Guest" that uses the cheapes connections (i.e. WAN or WiFi-WAN) and so on

Thanks a lot!
by anonymous
Hi, I have just come across your question, and would like to do the same thing. I am thinking about purchasing a RUTX11 for exactly the same purpose, I am reasonably IT literate in domestic situations but have no knowledge of networking, I have had a look at some of the configuration advice and it looks as if it assumes some knowledge of networking? Would you say this purchase is a good idea or would I be better going for a domestic mifi router? Is there any simple walk throughs for setting up in this situation. Any advice appreciated Thanks

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Our device have the functionality to switch between the multiple WANs available. It depends on your requirements which one you want to set as primary .

To set the priorities you can press and hold the WAN type (you want to set as primary) then drag to the top and set the other WANs accordingly by dragging .

I have also attached the link for your assistance.

On the mobile WAN there is an option for the sim switching once one sim card has low signals/not enough data etc it has feature of switching if such event occurs. Conditions are custom on mobile switch you can add by your choice. 

For wireless WAN you could add multiple wireless networks if one goes down it will switch to the other.

If you're having trouble finding the following pages or some of the parameters described here on your device's WebUI, you should turn on "Advanced WebUI" mode. You can do that by clicking the "Basic" button under "Mode", which is located at the top-right corner of the WebUI.

- When using public wifi, is it possible to create some kind of encryption without the need of using a vpn client on the PC/Mac/Phone? Please provide more information.

Thank you 


Ahmed Rehan

by anonymous

Thank you for the details

I have implemented as instructed (see pictures) but encountered 2 problems while testing failover:

The starting point is:

- WAN connected to wired network, WWAN connected as client to a 5Ghz AP, MOB1S1A1 connected 4G LTE network.

- My client connected to the standard RUTX12 AP (RUD_[XXXX]_5G

Failover test:

- Unplug the cable from WAN port. I under failover, I can see WAN go offline. I am supposedly using WWAN

- I shut down the Wifi router WWAN was connected to. I can see WWAN go offline. I am supposedly now connected to  MOB1S1A1

- I turn on the WiFi router WWAN was connected to. WWAN does not come online again. Under Wireless the related "client" connection (AMBIANCE-5G) is marked as "Dissasociated"

- I turn it off/on again, suddenly I am disconnected from RUD_[XXXX]_5G

_ I connect to RUD_[XXXX]_2G to check the situation and I can see the wireless client connected to AMBIANCE-5G. But I can no longer see or connect to the AP RUD_[XXXX]_5G

So it seems to me:

- When an wireless AP comes back online, the wireless client is disassociated and does not connect automatically

- If a wireless client in the router is connected to a wireless AP, I cannot connect to the router wireless AP on the same frequency.

Am I doing something wrong here?

by anonymous

May i know which firmware version are you using ?

Could you please update to the latest without keeping settings and see if the issue persists?

Thank you.


Ahmed Rehan
by anonymous

Hi Ahmed,

It's the very latest, I upgraded yesterday as a very first thing:

Firmware version RUTX_R_00.02.05.1
Firmware build date 2020-09-30 08:38:58
Primary modem firmware version EG06ELAR04A04M4G
Secondary modem firmware version EG06ELAR04A04M4G
Kernel version 4.14.171


To be completely sure, I just did a factory reset and tried to setup the same configuration again.
For what I can see, as long as an I have a WiFi Client configured for 5Ghz, there is now way I can connect to AP on the 5Ghz
by anonymous
So, its working fine as of now after re-flashing the firmware ?
by anonymous
No really,

I reflashed the unit, not saving the settings, tried factory settings reset a couple of time.

The problem I am encountering now that should be addressed first is that if i setup WiFi WAN on 5GHz to connect to an existing test hotspot, suddenly my client (macOS) can no longer connect to the AP on the RUTX15 on the 5GHz frequency.

Is this normal?

I think I need to address this first of all.

(I can do any reset of the unit you wish me to do)
by anonymous

Now after I have removed the WiFi client, the whole 5GHZ interface won't start despite that everything is set to Enable.

by anonymous

I have now tried to delete and recreate a new AP 5Ghz interface (RUTX12_5G) and it still won't start.

Am I doing something wrong? The product seems a bit buggy in my opinion

by anonymous


I i wasn't able to replicate this issue on my side using the same firmware . 

1) I set the wired WAN as primary , mobile as 2nd back and wwan as 3rd backup . 

a)I unplugged the wired WAN it switched to the mobile WAN without any issues.

b)I then removed the sim and the WAN switched to the WWAN.

c)I inserted the sim card back and it switched from wwan to the mobile WAN.

d)Then i inserted the wired WAN and it switched to the wired WAN from Mobile WAN.

2)I set the wired WAN as primary , WWAN as second and mobile WAN as 3rd backup.

I got the following results:

a)I unplugged the Wired WAN it switched fine to the WWAN .

b)Secondly i turned off the Wifi of the router from where this router is having WWAN it switched to the Mobile WAN.

c)Then i tried to turn on the wifi again and it switched from Mobile WAN to the WWAN back.

d)Then i tried to insert the Wired WAN (Primary) back and it switched from WWAN to Wired WAN .

Everything worked as mentioned . 

If you want to see the troubleshoot file i can share you in PM.

Also i am attaching some screen shots of logs for the switching part.

Thank you.



by anonymous
Thank you very much for testing this out Ahmed.

I did several reset and at the i managed to make it work too.

One of the problem was be being impatient and sometime somehow interfaces got stuck in disabled. A reboot helped.

Also i suspects that failing to set the proper country in the WiFi interface could have been the cause.

anyway thanks a lot again for your time