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I'm considering buying a RUTX10 or RUTX11. My use case is basically to have a robust and secure and quiet home router to connect to my incoming optical fibre connection wired to the router.

My questions:

  1. What is the speed/throughput between wired WAN and LAN (without and with VPN)? If I have 1Gbps incoming, how much will I loose on the way from WAN to LAN.
  2. How much noise do the routers generate? Do they have fans or is it a fanless design?
  3. Is there any way to manage APs connected by wire to the router? Can they be synced with the inbuilt AP to create a mesh?

 Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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by anonymous
"2. How much noise do the routers generate? Do they have fans or is it a fanless design?"

- they are dead quiet, no fans are there.
Thanks! Any idea about throughput?
by anonymous
I haven't really tested ethernet throughput as I wasn't interested. Without VPN or firewall rules, I would imagine it's going to be close to 1 gbit/s. But I have set it up in bridge mode with linksys wrt1900acs (very capable router, shame on linksys not to provide sufficient support, I'm running openwrt on it) and I can get 200/40 mbit/s - but that seems to be my ISP limit, also cat6 modem is theoretically 300mbit/s, but in real world (look at teltonika tests on youtube, maximum was about 230mbit), my phone can do 230mbit and it has cat16, of course without any external antenna. To sum it up, you may buy it, test it and if it doesn't match your criteria, return it. I'm more than happy to use my RUTX09 (with a few bugs, that I have workarounds for) for my home internet connection, in these times fully used for work.
Thank you for the answer!