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by anonymous
We bought RUTX12 dual-sim routers and are surprised to see that the routers do not support our use-case.

We kindly ask Teltonika to add the following functionality to the software:

- API support for modem select parameter to list/read/send/delete SMS from

- HTTP forwarding parameter for modem which received the SMS (either add an addional query parameter or even better, duplicate the whole HTTP forwarding screen and make it modem dependent, so each modem could also use different HTTP post/get URL's etc).

- Add concatenated long-SMS support (at least for receive direction)

With the current firmware release it's impossible to distinguish which of the 2 modems have received the given SMS message. Neither the cgi-bin API provides an option to select the modem, nor does the SMS->HTTP forwarding have any option to include the modem number as a parameter.

We bought these routers because of their dual-SIM functionality, but our application has to know which modem (effectively MSISDN) received the message. In the current firmware release the messages from both modems are mixed and thus can't support use-cases where the application has to know which SIM has received the given message.

Please see that you can add this functionality ASAP.

Thank you

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by anonymous

We're sorry we didn't meet your requirements for the product, all the features and possibilities are stated on our wiki page, which you could've read before buying the device. As these requirements of yours are not easy "changes" to the device and the firmware and if you're still looking to get them - please contact our sales manager as perhaps it will require to initiate a project that may cost you.

by anonymous

We understand that we should have read more carefully about the dual-modem API/Forwarding functionality and also understand that this is your first router in which you introduced dual-sim support. Nevertheless, if you want to satifsy clients with SMS use-cases, you should provide functionality to treat the 2 modems separate and enhance the firmware accordingly.

We don't see why this would actually be complicated, as on the "Mobile Utilities -> Messages" screen it's possible to select the Primary or Secondary modem and see the SMS messages for the selected modem. So the functionality seems already there, it's just not exposed to the API.

We intend to buy more units from Teltonika in the future due to its good hardware quality, but SMS-support in multi-SIM devices such as RUTX12 needs to be improved accordingly.