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I have, with great success, relayed direct LAN connection to control devices over WAN (LTE), utilizing the TRB140 gateway. In these instances, I was interfacing with the devices using a web browser GUI and creating a secure URL using your RMS solution worked perfectly.

I am now looking to relay an RS232/RS485 signal over WAN (LTE), utilizing the TRB245 gateway. I need to interface with these devices using software running on a computer connected to WAN (Internet). The software is equipped to communicate with com-ports or IP-addresses but not with an URL. Does the RMS solution have a function that can facilitate communication with the software?

The software in question is  Mitsubishi Electric Maintenance Tool.

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If RS232/RS485 is set to work Over IP and has some kind of HTTP service running - you should be able to connect to it. But if it's COM port console - the only way to reach it would be connected to routers SSH in RMS and only then reaching the serial.