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I need to manage 4 devices connected on rut955 via ZeroTier VPN service.

I have connect them on rut via one lan pont and switch then i have two windows client connectet to the zerotier network, can i manage the four devices behind the rut ? 

The devices are radio equipment that do not have any client installed so i need to reach them on layer 2

I must use the same ip network /24 for all the network 

Can you please tell me the config of the rut ? 

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I would like to ask if you know what ports is Dev A, Dev B, Dev C and Dev D is running. If you are able to specify different ports on the said device you can do port-forward rules in  RUT955 to reach the Dev A-D.

 If you are using 192.168.192.X/24 in the zero tier network and Dev A-D is running services on port 80.

Also an example addressing of zerotier will be like this: -> RUT955 -> PC A -> PC B

If you make Port-Forwarding rule on RUT955 like this:
External Port -> 90
Internal Port -> 80
Lan IP Address of Dev A (Assigned by RUT955):
Source Zone: Zerotier
Destination Zone: LAN

If you enter this address to the browser: -> this will redirect you to the Web Interface of Dev A.
External ports must be different for each Dev A-D devices.

You can assign them example: Dev A (90), Dev B (91), Dev C (92) and Dev D (93)

For more information you can refer to this link: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Firewall#Port_Forwarding

Hope it helps

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This article addresses ZeroTier setup and routing. Look for the "Private network access" section, perhaps it will come in handy.

Good luck,