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Dear Teltonika Support Team,

 I am using the RUT955 router and try to use the router as an NTRIP Client to send requests for RTCM messages on a specific Mount-Point. The received messages should be transmitted from the RS232 port to a different GNSS receiver.

The RUT955 has the gps antenna (supplied in the box) connected to the gps sma port – and shows updated position with updated time.

The operator of the NTRIP CASTER on the remote server does not get any requests from the RUT955 end and the RS232 port does not transfer any rtcm messages.

[the remote server and the RUT955 has an open connection between the two – pings are received from each end]

 Could you please assist with listing the proper settings?

Thank you!

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Hi Yair,

You can try to login to router via SSH or CLI and cat /dev/rs232 and check what information are going through the port.

Perhaps, this information will be useful for your configuration.