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Critical RUTX09 devices on the field , status assumption is ok but no functional RMS connection available to do any checking or changes?
I might be having the same issue. I can view the devices online in RMS, I can send remote reboot commands and I can do a remote CLI, but trying to generate a web UI link just shows a spinner for a while before the error "Action timed out" appears at the top of the screen on a black background. If I tick "use legacy mode" then it works fine.

Edit: This is working now.

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Did your devices were reachable via RMS before? Are you sure they have a connection to the outside network at this moment? Could you try to remove the device from RMS and add it again? Also, please check these troubleshooting steps to track down the issue: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Routers_do_not_show_up_on_RMS_even_when_the_router_has_an_internet_connection