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Hi everyone,

I use to work with rut240, everything works fine, and I just had a brand new rut 950.

Double SIM seems nice, because it would allow me twice more data on this router but, it does not work properly.

The sim cards are from the same provider, two different numbers with public IP address.
When I put only one sim in the RUT950, the connection works, it gets an IP address and it is ok. No matter the sim slot or the sim card I use.

When both (working alone) sim cards are inserted, the RUT950 does not connect, in cellular status i can read "SIM not inserted", no matter the SIM slot selected.

So I have tested it using sim cards from different providers, and it works normally, I can select any slot.

I want it to work with all sim cards, most of mine are from the same operator.
I sent back the RUT950 to my supplier for replacement and the problem is the same with the new one.

I put the last firmware on it obviously, but nothing changes.
If anybody has an idea to solve this, it would be nice to share the solution!


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Could you please try swapping the cards differently. Like try one slot with operator 1 SIM1 or SIM2 and another slot with operator 2. And swap them up with different cards of the same operators. See if it doesn't work only when the same operator 1 cards are inserted.

already done, it only does not work with two sim cards from the same operator
Could you ask your operator why this could be the issue? It seems that every other card works, but not when those two are inserted. Maybe ask for a replacement? Also, really helpful information would be what is the voltage of those SIM cards.

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«Double SIM seems nice, because it would allow me twice more data on this router but, it does not work properly.»

That is not possible because there is only one modem inside of the router. The SIM cards will work alternately. Or one or other. Not both at the same time. For both online you need to looke to the rutx12. It has two modems.