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I have RMS access to a RUT950 (FW RUT9XX_R_00.06.06.1), but it shows Remote Management System STATUS "disabled"  and "OFF" on the overview page. Obviously not true, because I am accessing it. When I click on the configuration icon, I correctly see 

  • Management status "enabled"
  • Connection state "connected".
  • Connection type is "standby". 

I find this confusing.

The wiki page I can reach from the RMS overview page is unfortunately pretty useless, because it refers to RMS, not the Web UI.

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Regarding this matter, I suggest try upgrading the firmware to the latest one for the latest fixes.


If issue still persist after the FW Upgrade let me know.


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The issue you've encountered is likely a bug and upgrading to a newer FW version may help solve it.

The Wiki page for the RMS WebUI page is here. Based on your description, everything related to RMS is enabled and working. "Connection type: Standby" simply means that your device will attempt to connect to RMS every 6 hours (instead of every 5 minutes when it is set to "Enabled").

From the linked article:

Enabled - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 2-5 minutes (every 2 minutes the first hour; then every 5 minutes). If it cannot connect for 14 days, it will enter Standby mode.
Standby - the device attempts to connect to RMS every 6 hours.
Disabled - RMS functionality is disabled

This information is also available in the WebUI (if you hover the mouse cursor over the question sign symbol):



Thanks for answering. Upgrading the FW to RUT9XX_R_00.06.07 did not really help:
I think this is rather a display problem, the function is OK, it just shows wrongly that it's not working.