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Three questions about the RUT955:

- the device can be powered by a 9-20 VDC PSU: can we use the same PSU on the pin 10 ?

- In the wiki, I note that the SPST relay output is 40v,4A and the pin 5 relay output is 24V,4A : I don't understand the difference

- If the load on the pin 5 is a contactor, shall we envisage an external protection diode ?

Thank you by advance,


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- Yes, you can use same PSU on pin 10.

- The relay output is rated for 24V 4A (5A top) load. Thanks for info, we will correct Wiki page.

- To prevent voltage spikes after switching off the contactor in power supply (if you are planning to use same PSU for contactor and router), there would be good idea to use external diode for protection.

Thank you for your answers.

About the third one: what I plan is:

- PSU on pin 10

- DC/AC contactor on pin 5 and the ground