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by anonymous

Hey All,

A router running FW ver.: RUT2XX_R_00.01.04.1

l had no problems with this device until now. It is a new device (e.g 3-month-old) and was a replacement for RUT500.

All of a sudden the connection started playing up. I have VPN between my device and this unit as well as another RUT500. Both devices use the same provider (both located in Ukraine, an even neighbours, so it is almost the same 3G reception). 

Apparently, RUT500 is stable, where this unit went bad. I am not sure what to do at this point, it constant loses its WAN/PPP connection. I did various tweaks but the issue still persists. Same time RUT500 has no problems. 

logread file can be found here and troubleshooting bandle here



by anonymous

Bumping this one! Not sure what is going on with fairly new unit.

Is there a way to raise an official ticket with tech support? I am willing to get and test anything at this point. This data is from my Check_MK SNMP local server. Ping test goes via VPN:

Before 11th Jan, the connection was flapping periodically (due to VPN and it is expected), the local connection was never terminated, (e.g connection to the internet), but after 11th connection was never stable. When the internet is down, if l send SMS requesting the status of the router l get the following:

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by anonymous
Hello Myky,

Could you check if the antenna connectors for LTE antennas are not damaged ? These can be checked by simply unscrewing 2 bolts of the panel and removing the PCB out of the casing.
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by anonymous

Thanks Vilmantas1,

I wish l could have physical access to the unit. The unit is installed in my parents' house in Ukraine and it is stationary:

Is there anything in the logs we can analyse/check?

by anonymous
Hello Myky,

Sorry for the long reply, busy days. Is there anyone that could reach the router and just check if connected antennas are not moving freely ?

Also can you upload the full troubleshoot file ?
by anonymous

Thanks Vilmantas1,

No worries. 

So, l asked my friend to help me with this one. What we did was:

- factory reset the unit

- restored from the back (the issue still persists)

- checked the antennas connection (he opened the unit, all connections were solid)

- he checked the antenna (all good and solid, no loose or anything)

The very last option we will try today is to use another 3G operator. If it will behave the same way then l suspect it is a faulty unit (pitty second unit in the raw).

l will upload tshoot file shortly. 



by anonymous


Ok, we have tested today with another 3G operator and connection was stable. 

We have two operators: 

UA-KYIVSTAR - problematic one

MTS UKR  - another one (alternative operator). With this operator, we were not able to reproduce the issue.

While sim card with UA-KYIVSTAR operator was installed, the 3G connection was intermittent and eventually got disconnected. 

The video when the device had no connectivity is here. The logread file is here and troubleshoot file can be found here.

Once the connection was dropped, we waited for 10 minutes and but it was not recovered. We then changed the sim card from UA-KYIVSTAR > MTS UKR and 3G immediately recovered. The sim was changed at around 18:45 (if you check logread file). My friend also uses UA-KYIVSTAR on his phone and 3G connection always stable. I guess it is a sim card issue, but l cannot verify this due to the sim card size (iPhone does not support it). 

by anonymous
Please let me know if the same issue will appear with MTS UKR
by anonymous

Hey Vilmantas1,

Good news! The sim card was replaced and l had 0 disconnects for almost 24 hours:

So there was an issue with SIM. It was tricky one. Thanks! Myky


Tortured, I ask for help. Also from Ukraine, I have a similar problem, but I’m looking worse. I tried 2 operators Kyivstar and Vodaphone. Day modem kept the connection. But now only after a reboot, several ping packets and a break are passed. I have two such modems on sites, similar symptoms. My smartphone can easily see the operator’s network.